AMILS is dedicated to providing effective multilingual communication in nearly 70 languages.

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AMILS provides document translation services covering several industries and subject areas such as legal, education, real estate, IT, engineering, automotive, travel, restaurant, financial and many others.

We offer Consecutive, Simultaneous and Conference interpretation services.

Consecutive interpretation

may be considered for legal situations like court depositions. Many school districts and teachers use consecutive interpretation for patent-teacher conferences, IEPs or other meetings between the schools and families.

Simultaneous Interpretation
is used in settings where the speaker requires the audience to hear/understand what is being communicated at the same time.


Conference Interpretation
primarily utilizes simultaneous interpretation, which requires two interpreters, sitting in a soundproof booth, speaking to an audience through receivers. Consecutive interpretation may be used in smaller break-out rooms or small meeting rooms during a convention.

Localization is a very important step in the translation process. It not only requires text to be converted from one language to another, but also to adapt to all the different factors that define a certain group of people: time zones, national holidays, gender roles, product beliefs and cultural references. The end goal? To give your content the look and feel of having been created specifically for each target market you’re aiming at.